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Facilitation Strategies - Improving your presentation skills

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Job Description
Success Indicators
Ensure that learning is the central focus of the ICT contract
~ All teachers will continue to learn new skills, new approaches and widen their curriculum knowledge, in relation to the ICTPD goals
~ BOT and parents will be involved in learning related to the ICTPD goals
~ Staff skill records from survey sheet
~ Student data relating to the use of contract goals eg use of thinking skills, student involvement in online environments (wikis and blogs)
~ Reporting progress in school newsletters
~Assist the principal in organising Parent / community evenings
~ Report to the BoT annually
Shares ideas and practices with colleagues
~ Promote learning conversations linked to new ICT ideas and practices
~ Empower other staff members to share classroom practice
~ Model ICT skills and processes, in classrooms (at least once a term)
~ Lead staff meetings linked to ICT pedagogy
~Record major points of conversation in your reflective journal ( that could contribute to milestone reporting and in the VLN)
~ Model lessons (record of lessons modelled)
~ Use professional readings and video clips to demonstrate effective ICT practice
Lead planning of the process of inquiry learning
~ All teachers will collaboratively plan units of learning using the inquiry process
~ Teachers confidence and knowledge has increased in the understanding of the inquiry process
~ Teachers reflecting and assessing the level of students competence of the inquiry process, (input, process, output)
Teachers sharing the outcome of collaborative plans
Set achievable goals for teacher development
~Assist the principal to plan and implement the school action plan
~ ICT resources are provided to meet the needs of teacher development
~ Keep abreast of current ICT practices
~ The school action plan is implemented and monitored
~ New resources are used effectively by increased student participation
~ Changes to practices as a result of PD are recorded in reflective journals and reported in the milestone