King Country Coast Contract

School Review

Programme Goals
National Goals
Cluster Goals
Success Indicators
Integration of ICT to give effect to the New Zealand
Curriculum / Te Marautanga
o Aotearoa;
To develop and implement
teaching and learning of the
National Curriculum (New Zealand Curriculum and Te
Marautanga o Aotearoa) through
e-learning (that is learning
supported or facilitated by ICT)
Teachers can articulate their shared understanding of e-learning and ICT

Use of e-learning is evident in planning based on the National Curriclum

E-learning is increasingly evident in classroom programmes
Increase capability of
teachers and principals to improve students' learning
and achievement through e-
To develop teacher and
principal knowledge and skills
to teach through e-learning
Teachers have individual ICT goals and self review is evident in appraisal and
performance management

Teachers and principals have attended conferences, workshops and other professional development opportunities.

Teachers are implementing new learning and this is evident in planning and
classroom practice
Strengthen professional learning communities and increased collaboration
within and between schools
To broaden the professional learning community and increase collaboration within and between schools
Teachers are sharing e-learning practice within and between schools at facilitated opportunities.

Schools are developing e-communication between schools and communities.

Teachers reflect on the e-learning practice and how this contributes to student achievement.

Increase e-learning
leadership and ICT strategic
planning capability of
principals and teachers;
To provide needs-based,
professional e-learning and
leadership opportunities for the
principal and key teachers in
each school
Schools have developed strategic plans aligned to student achievement and
ICT components
Principals and key teachers have opportunities to develop leadership
capabilities for ICT integration
Increase the school community's understanding of the educational contribution of e-learning
Communicate changes in pedagogy and use of e-learning in the school community
BoT and communities are informed of shifts in educational pedagogy and e- learning E.G. Newsletters, websites, and meetings etc