Nick Billowes and The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Key Messages - From teachers
We need to move with the times as the children we are teaching have had very different experiences compared to what we had when we were growing up, we need to be aware of this and adjust our teaching to ensure we are meeting the needs of our students.
Technology is the reality of today's and tomorrows children, so we need to embrace, support and utilise these.
Teach new things in new ways with new technologies...not old things in new ways.
Just because "we didn't do it that way" doesn't mean it isn't a good thing to do, get with the times and think about the uses for technologies such as mobile phones, digital cameras. Our students need to use the technologies of their generation. ...........................................................


Nick and Bernard - Leadership for Principals and facilitation strategies for Lead Teachers
Key Messages
Focus on us making a difference for our teachers.
I will more fully explore the idea of where teachers are in terms of their identity - perhaps using an educational positioning system
Jill Hammonds
Practical – Raising Literacy Levels through use of digital technologies
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Keyboard Games available at

Rochelle Jensen's Literacy Learning Progressions Site

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Key Messages
To raise literacy you need to do different things with different tools for those not succeeding.
Focus on all learners - not just those below the standard.
Cater for intrinsic incentive, authentic feedback, genuine audience and a variety of ways of learning and expressing ideas.
Web 2.0 tools such as Voicethread, Podomatic, Blogs, Wikis, Wallwisher offer these innovative ways of working that engage students.
Rochelle Jensen

Digistore is the New Zealand gateway to a collection of quality digital content (learning objects and digital resources).
This workshop will give you an opportunity to explore the ‘new’ digistore. We will look at how the rich digital content within this resource can be integrated into classroom programmes to ensure a positive impact on student learning.

==Digistore and Software for Learning==
Key Messages
Rosemary Cook

Mish Mash for Juniors
A selection of Literacy and Numeracy ideas for Junior class teachers incorporating inquiry and e learning opportunities.
Key Messages
Barbara Wenn
"Once you have learned how to ask questions - relevant and appropriatequestions - you have learned how to learn and no one can keep you fromlearning whatever you want or need to know." Postman and Weingartner(1969) To assist learners with this goal, I will share numerous strategies and tools for effective development and practice of questioning and thinking that can be used at any level of learning.
Key Messages
Donna Dyet

Say it Read it Write It
How can students demonstrate understanding using Web 2 Tools ?

==Say It! Read It! Write it!==

Comic Creators
Key Messages
Barbara Reid
Digital Storytelling is the process in which we use multimedia such as voice, images, music and audio to create a visual story.
You will create your own digital story so bring along 6-9 images and your laptop.

==Digital Storytelling Resources==
Key Messages
I have already started to use Photo story and comic Life with my own children and a small group of my students. They are loving it.
Round up - Jill Hammonds
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