Principals and Lead Teacher Meeting at Pirongia Thursday 2 August 9.30 -3.00

Present: Barbara, Bernard, Jan, Wendy, Karen, David, Leonie, Dellwynne, Steve, Kevin, Michelle, Darin, Amanda, Jackie, Catriona, Chris, Tim,

Apologies: Kirsty, Andy, Nga, Nigel,

General Updates
NZ ED Show - looking at new technologies $30 a day

Telecom amazing competition What difference will UFB make to our lives

Cluster Network meeting
Monday 17th September, at Fraser High School in Hamilton. While the agenda for the day hasn't been fully finalized we have asked Janelle Riki to speak about Maori achieving success as Maori; Warren to talk about UfBis, and Chrissie Butler - Special Needs. It will also be an opportunity for clusters to share success stories.

School Visits - Stonefields and Hingaia Peninsula - focus Blended Learning and Learning Spaces, Tuesday 11 September

Photo Competition

Ulearn -

Ultra Fast Broadband Seminars / cost of Ufb Learning without Limits Seminar 28 August

CORE breakfast - Social Media with DK - Steve

My Portfolio update - Darin
Contact with Erin at Fairfield Intermediate to work with students on MyPortfolio

School Reports: - Otewa, Kio Kio (Next Meeting Thursday 20 September - OPS, Hauturu)

Otewa -

Kio Kio
Access school blogs here

Planning to Educate for their future - follow up to Call back day

Exit Milestone Elluminate Sessions - Follow up

6.5 Complete an observation of the key lessons learned in the contract including individual commentary from school principals.

Developing a School's Curriculum - presentation by Michelle Thurlow.