Principals’ and Lead Teachers’ Meeting - 4 May 9.30 - 3.00

Please bring laptops and action plans


Present - Jan, Damien, Ange, Delwyn, Catriona, Joel, Kevin, Nigel, Suzanne, Kirsty, Andy, Leanne, Niki, Ngaire, Shaz, Michelle, Jocelyn, Nga. Barbara, Bernard, Clare

Apologies - Jackie (Maihiihi) Kim (Maihiihi) School Camp Leonie (Piri Piri) ERO, David, Jo

General Business

Data projectors order - Pirongia 3, Hangatiki 2, Hauturu 3. Schools to contact Craig individually
Meeting Days - will be 9.30 - 3
Feedback - Call back day (16 people have filled in evaluation forms)
Please can we have more for the milestone
July 15 - Call back day
Workshop suggestions - SOLO, Questioning, differentiated learning through ICT, online maths activity resources, writing resources,
Ulearn - Accommodation - Numbers please Block bookings get a better room rate
Tahaaroa - Nga and Kitty
Hauturu - Andy van Tol, Anna Maikuku
Oto P - Catriona and Delwyn
Kaipaki - Shaz
Barbara - 3 rooms (Allanah King, Jo Fothergill)
Early Bird Fee $595+GST - $645 +GST after 2 July / Conference 6 - 8 October

Interactive Whiteboards - discussion

What is our purpose?
Can print off brainstorms and writing
Visual impact
High engagement due to whizz bang!
Marketing - wows parents
Takes student work a step further (can manipulate)
Easy for kids to use - touch and drag - easier to use than a tablet / mouse
Animated venue for kids
Saves gathering around a computer screen
Positive use in maths - easier access resources
Teacher efficiency - visual interactive blocks
Access to all software - need time to know what's out there
Kid friendly and self-motivating
Easy for kids to take turns using pen rather than mouse
Students choosing resources and how to use it (ownership) = SHIFT IN PEDAGOGY
Think about : board before practice or other way around
Some are better than others
When they don't work - are offline
Teacher confidence and competence
Not enough professional development to ensure effective use = time (more than a data projector)
Correct height for boards for short teachers and 5 year olds
Teacher as presenter upfront (best practice)
Time to find resources and tutu - need to allow time and space for teachers to gain confidence
Big board is stuck - not as mobile as interactive teaching station
Can be a distractor
Need to ensure "balance" between use for presentation and use for follow-up
Is it a substitute for hands-on interaction?
Ange (yr 5 and 6), Nigel (yr 2 to 8) and Ngahina (yr 1 to 3) Catriona (Yr 0 - 3) have kindly invited anyone who would like to see their classroom practice :)

Stages of teacher development on IWBs - Download a pdf file (This is one view)
Milestone 1
Round Robin and summarise

Goal 1
Success Criteria
To develop and implement teaching and
learning of the National Curriculum
(New Zealand Curriculum and Te
Marautanga o Aotearoa) through elearning
(that is learning supported or
facilitated by ICT)

Teachers can articulate their shared
understanding of e-learning and ICT
Use of e-learning is evident in planning
based on the National Curriclum
E-learning is increasingly evident in classroom programmes.

a. What progress has been made towards achieving these goals?
b. What evidence supports this?
c. What are the key lessons for the cluster?

d. What are the next steps towards achieving the outcome?

Goal 2
Success Criteria
To develop teacher and
principal knowledge and skills to teach
through e-learning

Teachers have individual ICT goals and
self review is evident in appraisal and
performance management
Teachers and principals have attended
conferences, workshops and other
professional development opportunities.
Teachers are implementing new learning
and this is evident in planning and
classroom practice

a. What progress has been made towards achieving these goals?
b. What evidence supports this?
c. What are the key lessons for the cluster?

d. What are the next steps towards achieving the outcome?


a. Report on your programme implementation during the milestone period
How well were the programme activities carried out?

Report against your Success Indicators for programme implementation

What do we propose tp do
How much do we propose to do?
How will we measure success?
School visits, In-class mentoring,
Facilitator meeting with teachers
Reflective journals

b. Learning@School
Report on the impact of your cluster’s attendance at the 2010 Learning at School Conference and on how this has influenced your programme. i.e. How have you used the learning in your various roles at school. What impact has this had on the learning for students or staff members.

Provide link to debrief material in wiki

School Name
Amount Pledged
Contribution approximates amount pledged? Yes/No

Where to Next? (the next 6 months)
Action Plan Suggestions

Cluster Goals
1. see above

2. see above


Goal 3
Success Indicators
To broaden the professional
learning community and increase
collaboration within and
between schools;

Teachers are sharing e-learning practice within and between schools at
facilitated opportunities.
Schools are developing e-communication between schools and communities.
Teachers reflect on the e-learning practice and how this contributes to student


Goal 4
Success Indicators
To provide needs-based,
professional e-learning and
leadership opportunities for the
principal and key teachers in
each school

Schools have developed strategic plans aligned to student achievement and
ICT components
Principals and key teachers have opportunities to develop leadership
capabilities for ICT integration


Goal 5
Success Indicators
Increase the school
community’s understanding
of the educational
contribution of e-learning.

BoT and communities are informed of shifts in educational pedagogy and e-learning
E.G. Newsletters, websites, and meetings etc

Afternoon Programme

  • Change Management

Next Meeting - June 1

  • Digital Citizenship / Cyber Safety
  • Planning using Concepts, Contexts, Content