Principals' and Lead Teachers' Meeting 4 August

9.30 - 3.00 at Pirongia


Present: Nga, Jo, Clare, Ngaire, Kirsty, Michelle, Jan, Damien, Michelle, Nigel, David, Catriona, Kevin, Kim, Joel, Jackie, Leanne

Apologies: Leonie, Suzanne, Niki, Angela, Jocelyn, Andy

Thank you to Kio Kio School for hosting call back day

School Presentations * Report on school progress to date sharing examples - Maihiihi and Kio Kio
2 September - Otorohanga Primary and Hauturu
2 November - Otewa and Kawhia
30 November - Koromatua and Hangatiki

Cluster Shares - virtual syndicate groups - venues 4 - 5.30
- Year 0-3 Ngutunui Sept 13
-Year 4-6 Pirongia Sept 15
-Year 7 -8 Kio Kio Sept 16

Ewan McIntosh Deanwell August 19

Eric Frangenheim - January 27 TOD - Koromatua

Ulearn - Accommodation @ $99

Call back day feedback - here

Milestone feedback - ensure links are open and able to be viewed or passwords provided

ICTPD Rubric - Reassess your school against the cluster goals. Bring your school rubric from last year

Change questions

Sandpit time - PPT
Power Point Can be Great - You just have to be a 'bit' creative!

Netbook Rollout - The pencil not the book

Pirongia August 4th 2010 Lead Teachers and Principals Meeting

Maihihi School ICT Progress
· Reflecting on ICT progress so far – discussions about the fact they’re not moving very fast but consolidating their progress as they go – mixed ability in the staff in using ICTs. All very new concepts and ideas in talking with their Board. Now talking about needing more equipment so each class is equipped ie 1 x dataprojector and camera each. Base their learning and vision on their Maihihi learner image.
· To incorporate regular ICT learning ion the daily programme – vision
· Established a ICT competencies basis for the staff
· Progress creation and use of wiki. Almost all students have access to the wiki at home on broadband.
· Jackie presented her report to the Y8 students as a trial for her presentation for the BOT. Great because it got the kids involved in talking about their learning progress.
· Teachers using powerpoint and publisher to present to parent groups
· Kim ePal interaction between her class and a class in Mexico. All students have their own ePal email addresses which Kim can view before students see it. Firstly looking at comparisons between their school and ours. Good for teaching questioning skills. Develops into skyping and establishing this global community.
· Using comic life to explain their experiences from camp. Still got to work on that more to develop the depth of the comments etc.
· Leaders day winter sports to develop all Y8s leadership recorded using cameras

· This year has been about exposure and discovering what staff skill sets and levels are.
· Taking the leadership to the conference excellent but call back days even better with constant follow up with Babara. Allowing staff to find their own level.
· Each staff meeting has a theme ie how to do something and challenge for all
· Sometimes there’s frustration for the sprinters. Lots of learning beginning to proliferate as people developing the expectations of what you can do with kids
· Trying to remove barriers so Kevin released for half a day in trouble shooting and working with teachers every week. Part of the appraisal and learning journals excellent method to see staff development.
· Whole school photo story for pets day
· Not directed in the classroom but direction in student management and achievement data
· Next year there will be more direction
· Access is another issue – the need for hardware so developing the digital backpack for each classroom with the camera and easi-speak. Parents have created an ICT task force to raise the funding.
· Buy your student a laptop at age 7 for school
· Staff more aware of the way forward
· Kevin has downloaded photostory and comic life onto each computer and has also gone in and demonstrated use of both in each class. Struggling with hardware at present.
· All classes have developed wiki. One teacher involved in using Glogster. Homework is online. Parents pleased with it because they can see what homework expectations and group work for the week is.
· Staff are updating their wiki each term
· Use of Photostory for their Ag day and will be incorporated in presentation to parents on the Ag Day. Took photos at school and at home and used easi speaks to create their presentations.
· Important aspect of staff meetings is to update their learning journals. Journals are private to staff and Babara. Each teacher has a page on their wiki.

Discussion about the huge amount of progress being made in the cluster within 6 months. Particularly the value of the call back days and teachers within the cluster sharing with each other.

Discussion of incorporating 15mins of sandpit time to play and trial new ideas. Time set aside for teachers to update their wiki etc so that the workload for teachers is not increased.

Role of the Lead teacher is not the technician so we need to ensure we have appropriate support. Also we need to ensure the kids are not getting too frustrated as we are creating the demand for the infrastructure to be reliable.

An initiative in Auckland Tamaki Pt England Decile 1 schools to roll out 3 different levels of laptops to all students based on age. Loan negotiated through WINS for the school stationery list. $399 per notebook. Pirongia leasing 6 for 3 years so easier to budget for. Paid for by the home and school. Otherwise try using a data stick to move stuff from home to school.

Cluster Sharing – about them sharing about what they are doing so they need to bring an example/sample of learning taking place. Virtual syndicate groups. Compulsory attendance

Y0-3 Ngutunui Primary Monday 13th Sept 4-6pm
Y4-6 Pirongia Primary Wednesday 15th Sept 4-6pm
Y7-8 Kiokio Primary Thursday 16th Sept 4-6pm

Ewan McIntosh Deanwell School, Hamilton Thursday August 19th 9.00-4.30pm

Eric Fragenheim Jan 27 Call back day 2011 – scheduled at the same time as the Teachers Matter conference. Cluster will pay for that. Venue: Koromatua 9.00am-3.00pm

Ulearn accommodation @$99 pp – at IBIS – 5 places left – contact Bernard ASAP

Feedback from Milestone 1:

· Start gathering information and evidence about student learning with ICT. I have used this piece of technology and here is the outcome of the learning i.e. increased engagement, motivation. Looking at individual, group and class achievement.
· All goals are being commented on in the second milestone.
· Watch use of words ie keep it professional not use of superlatives awesome etc
· More about how the use of ICT is changing the learning of students rather than the use of teachers teaching In what ways are the use of ICTs enhancing student learning, particularly in online areas ie lids ‘doing’ rather than teachers ‘doing’.

Reassess schools against cluster goals from contract rubric School readiness for change

· All teachers need to individually reassess their current use of ICTs on the form on the KCC wiki so we can compare with beginning of the contract.
o NB motivation is not a positive it’s a reward for behaviour
o Multimedia incorporating images and text i.e.photostory
o Student Collaboration
o Student Creativity ie audacity, paint, my webspiration, etc

· Infrastructure – Have we articulated the e-learning vision to the BOT and therefore are we budgeting for the development for the vision. So consider the vision for future learning…Take stock of the current resources ie how are we currently using our Easi-speaks, cameras, flip videos, computers? Assess the quality of the resources to move forward. Teacher Skill Level – Address this to ensure that some members of staff are not left behind because it becomes painfully obvious to students, parents and community. Highlight the incentives for the school and students and community. Action? What will be your next steps? Keep your mind open to the changes in technology – use the technology that the students are already using i.e. m-learning possibilities. Listening to the teachers who have created the demand for the ICTs with learning
· L@S/Cluster Call Back Days How do you choose who will attend conferences and who will share new knowledge amongst staff? How will classroom practice change as a result of attending? How effectively are resources being used as a result of attending? How will teachers share new learning across the cluster? Those that can’t attend conferences need to arrange to visit with others across the cluster.
· CRT What is the expectation for this? What are the possibilities? How could teachers use this effectively for PD? What are the possibilities?
· Review the continuum for the goals during a staff meeting individually then correlate together for the milestone.
· Barbara Reid talked about Te Ara
Get the short story for a more child friendly version of text Cntrl + to enlarge, Cntrl F then put in keywords to highlight the keywords chosen in the text.

Ways we could use Powerpoint
NB quite different toolbars in 2003 and 2007 versions – update to 2010
  • Share to BOT and students
  • Staff meetings then onto the staff wiki
  • Using how to with screen shots
  • Model writing to class
  • End of year overview in pictures
  • Testing
  • Background knowledge and prior knowledge check for inquiry unit beginning
  • Shared learning to wiki/CD to parents
  • Quiz nights
  • COPs mathletics
  • Assemblies/singing/kapa haka
  • Parent Teacher Interviews

Using PPT as a Teacher Resource
  • Adding Text
  • Adding Images
  • Adding Sounds
  • Inserting a movie
  • Inserting slides from another ppt
  • Hyperlinks to a website/another slide
  • Screenshots Print Screen/Fn Printscreen then cut and put arrows in using paint or photoshop to make a tutorial or Windows 7 has snippet screenshot tool that does the same thing but can choose your selection
  • Upload to slideshare
  • Embed into a wiki