Present: Jan, Ange, Damien, Jo, Jocelyn, Kirsty, Andy, Clare, Suzanne, Nga, Leonie, Michelle, Nigel, Barbara, Bernard, Jackie, Kim, Joel, Kevin, Catriona, Delwyn

Apologies: Leanne, Niki (Kawhia), David (Koromatua) Ngaire (Kaipaki)

School Reports: Hauturu and Otorohanga Primary

Ewan McIntosh Review: Suzanne and Nigel

Discussion Time: Please add items for discussion here
  • expectations for teachers (Barbara)
  • NSSF Cluster visit - 18 October / possibly variation & milestone Nov 2
  • Learning without Limits - Ultra fast Broadband update (SNUP)
  • Collecting student voice electronically
  • KCC Kids Review wiki
  • Key Competencies - for students
  • LAS dates

Morning tea

Digital Citizenship Module
  • Cybersafety
  • Policies and guidelines
  • Netiquette
  • Copyright


Colleen Sayer

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