Meeting Minutes
Principal and Lead Teacher Meeting #1
17th March 2010
Hosted by Pirongia School

Present: Bernard Peterson (Director)
Barbara Reid (Facilitator)
Jan, Damien and Angela Pirongia
Catriona and Delwyn Otorohanga Primary
Nigel and David Koromatua
Jocelyn and Jo Hangatiki
Joel and Kevin Kio Kio
Jackie and Kim Maihiihii
Michelle Ngutunui
Leonie PiriPiri
Leanne and Niki Kawhia
Kirsty Hauturu
Shaz and Ngaire Kaipaki
Suzanne Kinohaku
Ngahina Te Kura o Tahaaroa

Apologies: Andy Hauturu
Clare and Dellwynn Otewa

· Sharon has asked that claims for $820 re L@S conference be held until the beginning of Term 2 – due to recent administration changes
· Please complete survey on Core Education site – request from Sherry
· ULearn Conference in Christchurch – who is thinking of attending? Bernard has block booked rooms – twins or double at the Ibis Hotel – please let Bernard know if you would like accommodation. Please book flights online soon
· Barbara’s diary for Term 2 not yet confirmed – will try and get it out to us as soon as possible. If Bernard is onsite the same day then he will be working with Principals and Barbara will be working with teachers.
· Has anyone been on the wiki and had a look? You will need to join wikispaces – please sign on and contribute. Deal on data projectors available through Craig Blakey – The Cable Guy. If we bought 15 to 20 through the cluster – 3 year warranty - $739 each + GST. The specs for both options are available on the wiki – please advise Barbara soonest.
· April Call Back Day – Thursday 15th April
o Programme will be linked to our wiki
o Nick Billows will start as keynote speaker
§ What could our school look like at the end of 3 years?
§ What have other schools done that have worked well?
§ Some of the things we should be working towards
o 45 minute reflection time/stocktake
§ Where are as now?
§ What so we need to think about in our schools?
· Junior / Middle / Senior groups
o Catriona to check access of wireless for all attendees
o Portable data projectors – Kirsty, Leonie, Jocelyn and Jan
o Barbara to check with Jill about her requirements for the day
o Breakouts
§ Allowing for 12 to 15 people per workshop – online booking will be open soon
§ Choices will be repeated for Breakouts #2 after lunch
§ Bernard to work with Principals during #1 and Lead Teachers during #2
o Contract Tabled and Reviewed
§ Anything created remains the property of the Ministry of Education
§ Page 5: 8 – can change the way we allocate money or our cluster goals/indicators to meet our needs through the variation – has to be reviewed at end of each year – will be done at a management meeting
§ Page 11: Goals – national / cluster / success indicators for our goals and that is what we report against – Goals 1 and 2 in our first milestone – to Barbara– write to them and provide evidence.
· Next meeting Tuesday May 4th – 9.30am to 3.00pm at Pirongia School – brainstorm to write our milestone report
· Barbara will send Google doc so we can all refer to the template and see what is expected – success indicators are in red.
· Disbursement area to be completed.
§ Page 6: Terms all been signed off
§ Page 7: School contribution
· Discussed RTLB / RT:Lit time and support – will timetable a day for their learning next term
· Discussed FTTE staffing figures – changes can be recorded within our variation
§ Pages 8, 9 and 10: Bernard, Barbara and Principal’s job descriptions
o Lead Teacher Job Description
§ Requirement: 3 ICT dedicated staff meetings each term
§ Group brainstorms: roles and responsibilities
§ Release Time for Lead Teachers discussed – it is expected that they will lead – to lead effectively they need release time.
· How much? How effective? Partnership with the Principal J
o Not about ‘techy’ stuff
o Release time is not just for professional development – it’s for the staff! = SUSTAINABILITY
o Modelling and Coaching – a follow on from what Barbara is doing with individual teachers
o Time to prepare/plan for staff meetings – short and sharp – shouldn’t be power-pointless! What you are delivering needs to have some implications for EVERY person at that meeting.
o Sharing – problem solving – reviewing
o Keep it focussed to that need!
o Liaise with Barbara after school visit to plan what school needs are
o Sample of job description shared with the group – on our wiki space – All you ever wanted to know!
o No quantity of time specified in the contract.
o Action Plans
§ Template reviewed
§ Infrastructure action plan – What’s affordable? Options?
§ Success indicators – expected outcomes = giving direction
§ Should be well on the way to having plans completed
§ Bernard and Barbara need a copy to assist with school direction
§ Ngahina shared that they are working to “go up in the clouds” vs. server. Clouds can be managed or self-managed. Storage base is huge. Direct wireless access ensured. Cloud computing J Costs minimal practically free. Refer Interface Magazine overview. Library management systems available – been critiqued by National Library.
· Ngahina will place details on our wiki space.

o Using ICTs in the Classroom
§ What is the learning?
§ Still start with “What is the learning?”
· Then: What ICTs can I use to gather and share information?
o Relating to others – negotiation (sample)
· Photo Story 3 FREE DOWNLOAD
o Connecting oral, written and visual language
· Kid Pix – can buy licences via Sitech – cheaper than individual site licences
o Sequencing (sample)
o Utilise people resources
· ComicLife - $4 a licence per computer
o Connecting visual and written language
o Recording information, comparing, alphabet (samples)
o licences per computer – just apply
o Background image that you can add characters to and they will talk typed speech (sample)

  • Barbara’s Cluster Scrapbook
    • Samples of evidence already gathered
      • ComicLife
      • Adding text to images
  • Think about JULY CALL-BACK Day – what/who do we want?
    • DEREK WENMOUTH as Key Note Speaker


Meeting closed: 12.25pm