17 March Agenda for Principals' and Lead Teachers' Meeting @ Pirongia 9.30 am

General Business
1. Invoicing for L@S - Code?
2. L@S Feedback survey - data projector / add comments
3. 1 room per school booked for 2011 at Princes Gate - 2011 L@S
4. Booking for Ulearn - accommodation and flights (Bernard)
5. Diaries - school visits - administration time. Term 2
6. Data projectors - bulk purchase possibility. Details here
7. July callback day - keynote
8. Marvin

Understanding the contract
~ Goals

~ Milestone dates
~ Money - schools' contribution
~ explanation of variation writing
~ analysis of Teacher interviews

School Action Plans
~ Please bring your action plan for 2010

~ Go through action plans ensuring that infrastructure is included and that it builds on new knowledge learned from L@S

Lead teachers
~ Job descriptions rewrite to fit your schools' requirements
~ release time (how do you plan to take and use this)
~ appraisal goals
~ fitting your role and actions into school's direction
~ How to conduct a staff meeting. (Remember there should be at least 3 per term)

~ To better fit ICT tools into teaching practice

Planning - Call back day
(catering, data projectors, internet, cables, cords, powerboxes, catering etc)