Innovative Technologies
Children are engaged and empowered
We now have a new focus with our students
Getting to know Pirongia staff
Beat Girls
Networking with other schools
Venues all within walking distance
No chairs to eat lunch
More people to be allowed to various breakouts. They filled too quickly
Our table got dinner at 10.15 pm and 2 didn't get any
We don't have enough money
Bogus websites
Keynote speakers
Sharing - what other schools do
Keep developing the conference
Will result in an increase in impetus in technology use at our school
Being with colleagues, sharing, the dialogue
Exciting, innovating
Getting to know Kio Kio staff
Beat Girls
Catching up with people not seen
The buzz of learning new things, thinking about new concepts, ideas, tips
Dinner (late)
Money to buy the goodies
Bogus websites - the need for discernment and critical thinking eg Sir Francis Drake

Dynamic workshops
Trade exhibitions
Lots of help from organisers
For small schools some of the technology is very expensive
First day was intense

Opportunity / time to network, talk with peers / cluster and other schools
Being able to listen to experts
Generates a lot of positive dialogue
Self review and set next steps
Affirming of practice
I can't afford the things I like

Talk- plan - prioritise actions

scaffold change
Playing with software programmes that I will use on Monday
Accessed technical support for our computer network
learning how to use SOLO taxonomy model. Going back to our unit then work through a plan to address our number one student needs
Great venue
Great planning of conference
Cluster discussions / great to share ideas with teachers from all round the country
3 breakouts on the first day too much
Not being able to get my first choice of breakout
So much to look at, talk about, share
All keynote speakers
Awesome trade hall
Getting expressions of interest 4 breakouts before scheduling programme
Can we have email list of cluster teachers?
Exposure to quality presenters and presentations
Increased personal knowledge
Lots of practical ideas - big picture stuff also
Lack of direction when choosing breakouts - not knowing which ones would be of benefit to our school situation
Missing out on hands on workshops
Exposure to stuff we were unaware of
'Shop window' into ICT
More consultation prior to conference
Increased knowledge
Hands on - actually doing it with computers available
Practical ideas
Enthusiastic presenters
Extremely well organised
All presentations are online for us to download for personal use
Are disabilities addressed? breakout on this, for inclusion in the classroom
Cost of some gear
Internet use in some breakouts not working
Wide range of people with one theme
Massive amount of people
Disability breakout
New ideas
Collegial interaction
Excellent food, facilities, etc
Amazing logistics - organised very well
Good range of breakout
Free afternoon to reflect
Video conference- lost internet
Some technical issues in breakouts were frustrating
Some breakouts a bit too sales orientated
More detail given on breakouts so you can select the ones that suit you
Rotorua well set up with facilities for big conference to run successfully
Good range of trade exhibits
Prefer live speakers for keynotes
Time management for presenters - make sure their technology is working properly
Team building opportunity for staff
Another shot of motivation
Exposure to new ideas / approaches
Catch up with cluster
Acknowledging rest of staff be involved and have similar experiences - 2011 opportunity to attend conference etc
Variety of venues - walking
Break time in between
Quality of some breakouts
More tech displays
Finish time for conference dinner
Better organisation / display of trade venues
Financing changes you would like to make - motivated by conference
Gimicky, specialised technologies
More food locations and places to eat comfortably
Quality assurance for breakouts
Buses between venues
Networking - (old friends too)
Seeing what others are doing
Not enough free pens and notebooks
Blue baths venue a bit gloomy
Trade stands

Cool ideas
connecting with people
Challenging existing practice, thinking
More tools for learning
Quality of workshops varied greatly
Some of the best ones were full

Exposure to different technology / products
Stuart Middleton - great motivating speaker
Great food except for dinner (last to be served) Not as tasty as we like
Facilities very good
Breakouts aren't well explained - went to LEARNZ - all they wanted was us to enroll
  • are they here to help me or sell something

Didn't get any of the breakouts we wanted - maybe some need to be offered more than once
First time conference experience
trade hall
chatting to a variety of people / schools
breakouts labeled for levels
Help me or selling a product
Great exposure to new technologies and how to use them
Catering - well taken care of till final dinner
Lots of different people to talk to
Key note speakers, Stuart Middleton and Alan November, fantastic
Breakouts that promote products that are not applicable ie online games (expensive) and aligned to Scottish curriculum
Some breakouts filled quickly - perhaps they could be offered more then once ie inquiry learning etc
Booklet needs more detailed map. Having to ask where different places where
Free coffee in the morning - nothing for folk who don't drink coffee!
First time conference
More information on L@S website about what's happening in a breakout And levels they would be applicable to eg Primary is too general - what may suit senior may not suit junior primary ie learnz
Variety of learning opportunities
Collective, colleagial, interactive opportunities
Well organised
Entertainment and hospitality
Anne Tolley - opening conference
Walk the talk, talk the walk right across the board
Stuart Middleton
Alan November
How fast techno / techie changes
Trade hall very interesting

Beat Girls
Trade Hall exhibits
Food and great service
Integration and curriculum building, Thinking and ICT
Opportunities to collaborate with colleagues
Opportunity to view new technologies
Keynote speakers - Stuart Middleton
Our accommodation was A+++++ (6 star)
Freebies - Whoopee!!
Expectations not met - strategies expected to receive and not forth coming (struggling readers and writers)
Trade hall exhibits

well organised
timing was well organised - no rushing
Food was awesome
Beat Girls
Some presenters were biased towards a particular brand - this should be in the brief
Stuart Middleton
All keynote speakers were interesting
Martin Luther King website
Trade hall - all new stuff
Differentiate workshops ie beginners to more advanced
Prerequisites for some workshops ie know how to turn a computer on
Quality of majority of workshops
Opportunity to have time to reflect and evaluate
Heaps of good websites
Learning to use modern technology
Catering crew / security awesome
Some workshops were very basic technologically - expected more
Not enough time for some workshops to explore ideas further if it was made longer
Not being able to select workshops that you wanted
Google searches not always true
Finding the truth from bogus sites
Finding ownership of domains
Country of origin searches
Label hands on workshops as basic, intermediate, advanced (technology wise)
make it a week long conference
Run popular workshops a few more times if possible eg xbox one
Maybe run more tasters - be exposed to more ideas